Thoughts on an Apprentice – Now a full time member of the team

This time last year I had just started on a new adventure in my life; I had just started working for RCS Logistics. A year down the line and I am now officially part of the team. I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of this amazing team. Everyone in this company have been easy to get along with and are a very friendly bunch of people.

The Finance Director, Adrian Goodman has been a great role model and a great mentor to me as he has allowed me to grow and has given me his trust in completing more complicated tasks as the months have gone by. He has always been there for me when I have needed any help in the jobs I carry out and for him to believe in me, makes me feel grateful as he has given me this opportunity and for this I would like to say thank you.

In the past year I have learnt a tremendous amount and I am looking forward to learning even more. RCS have been an amazing company to work for as they have helped in any way they can to allow me to progress and learn. They have given me ample opportunities to gain knowledge and improve my learning. They have also allowed me to go on courses such as being a first aider as well as a fire warden which I am appreciative of as they have given me a huge responsibility by being these for the company.

When I started this apprenticeship I had a very basic knowledge of this company and what they did but since working here I now fully understand what the company do and everyone’s roles within the company. RCS allowed me to better my knowledge of the company by me going around and shadowing as well as performing other people’s job roles, I spent about 2-3 months working in the warehouses, transport & contracts. This gave me a better understanding of what each individual department does and how it effects each other and how they all link into achieving the same goal.

When I first started this apprenticeship I was doing basic jobs but it has been worth it to be where I am today. In the past year I went from scanning invoices, processing them and finalising them when they had to be taken out of query, to now being in charge of the directors credit cards, keeping the drivers bonus spreadsheet up to date, weekly figures for the company etc.

Even though my apprenticeship is over RCS are still helping and supporting my learning. RCS have allowed me to go on a further course to enhance my learning, specifically towards finance as this is the path that I want to follow. The opportunity that I have been given with this company is phenomenal as they have allowed me to start strong in my career.

Ryan Meredith, Finance & HR Assistant

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