‘They understand the importance of a service underpinned by strong systems’

‘What I look for in choosing a provider:

Flexibility: the FMCG industry is what it says it is – fast moving, and therefore for me, my number 1 priority is finding a provider that has the capability and will to change direction at a moment’s notice.

Systems: a provider must have strong systems capability, both in terms of the platform itself but also the calibre of the people who ensure the system works.  Poor systems / systems management can result in significant losses either in terms of physically not being able to deliver the stock correctly or in the loss of man hours then required to make up for a gap in capability.

Account Management, having a dedicated resource that will always pick up the phone and spend time getting to understand your needs is invaluable

Experience, our customers all have different requirements, and having a warehouse/logistics provider that has experience of operating across the range, from independent wholesalers to the big four grocers can make a significant difference to both service levels but also cost to serve.

Service to date:

The stand out part of working with RCS for me is there openness to investigating and trialing new ways of working to improve service levels and supply chain efficiencies.  They understand the importance of a service underpinned by strong systems capability, whilst not forgetting the need to maintain strong relationships with their customers through dedicated account management structures.’

Aidan Tyers, Itsu

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