Pick and Pack Services

Providing accurate and efficient pick and pack services in support of warehousing and distribution operations.

pick and packOn the surface, pick and pack operations seem a straightforward process – but as an experienced supply chain professional, you’ll know that it takes attention to detail to deliver great quality to your customers.

We understand the importance of flexibility within your supply chain to meet their requirements and a well-executed pick and pack service is key to ensuring your orders are delivered in full, every time.

Picking down to 5 levels

By combining technology, experience, and attention to detail, we’re able to provide a pick and pack service that drills down to 5 levels. Whether you’re looking to despatch a full or mixed pallet, or a single carton, the efficiency of our service will leave you free to focus on other areas of your business.

Barcode scanning

All items are allocated a barcode upon receipt to stock, allowing us to pick using RF scanners and eliminate the risk of human error. That’s why our pick accuracy rate consistently sits at 99.7%.

We’re that confident in our pick services that we make this our agreed SLA.

With the option of same-day order processing, you can find peace of mind in knowing we’ll get your orders out on time and in full without hesitation.

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