RCS Logistics Ltd Corby are specialists in providing cost effective, client-centred Contract Pick and Pack solutions.

"Co-packing" options range from simple pick and pack, repacking, relabelling, restacking, mixing and sorting, through to combining, sleeving and labelling.

Working in a close partnership with our clients, we draw on our extensive experience and the latest warehouse technology to develop bespoke solutions that enable our customers to focus of their core competencies.

Operating alongside the co-packing stream, RCS's reworking services address consignment issues resulting from incorrect loading of cases or pallets, or where damage has resulted from a "difficult" journey. Boxes are removed and sorted before being repacked and restacked as necessary to achieve the exemplary standards that RCS maintains for our own loads.

Pick and Pack services include

  • B2B and B2C
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Home delivery service
Latest news

In January 2016, RCS Logistics took delivery of a brand new rigid supplied by TruckEast


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